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The main features of platform

Websites and Portals for a range of businesses

Is one of your customers looking for a boat with features that don't match those of the boats you have available? Take a look at the MarketPlace! You have a very good chance of finding one or more boats with the required features. With, in an instant you can produce an e-mail with PDFs annexed describing the identified boats, with a standard text you previously entered in the template. The PDF files will contain the Logo of your company, and to add more punch you can also send a text message at the same time.

All automatically; you won't even have put the phone down and the Customer will already have received the information.

Thousands of boats to sell

And if the sale goes through, of course you will have to make agreements with the Broker holding the boat, counting on their intention to publicise the boat and make it visible to all Brokers in order to ensure a quick sale.

The MarketPlace broadens your supply and sale possibilities as it helps to match supply with demand. The MarketPlace shows the boats that the brokers have made public (only the stated "reserved" data is hidden) and for which proposals can be made, even when not administered directly.

C.R.M. - Customer relationship

Make customer relations more professional

Effectively manage your customers and potential customers starting from a complete and organized Profiling System: each Contact can be associated with over 50 structured data (identification TAG) and an infinite number of Categories (freely configurable) that allow you to do very advanced research with the aim of combining demand with supply. With the Enterprise version, Automatic Profiling (Brokerage Intelligence) is added to the traditional profiling. Each event can be traced and, by opening the Customer card, you will have a complete overview of the interactions that took place (in & out emails, phone calls, meetings….) and the nautical interests of the subject.


turns simple Contacts into potential customers (Lead Generation)

Brokerage Intelligence

Brokerage Intelligence is a continuous process that identifies customers who may be interested in a boat and boats that can interest a customer (Boats-Contacts Linking), presenting new sales opportunities to the Broker.

It starts from the Request for Information procured by the Portals Announcements and / or from its Site and automatically performs the Registration and Profiling of the Contacts based on their profile of nautical interest. Then look for the combinations with the available Broker Boats and / or available in the co-brokerage Marketplace.

In practice, provides a search engine always in business that, every time you insert and / or update a boat, find all the contacts that have a profile that conforms to the boat (it may also be that a price reduction l 'has been included in the range of spending of the Contact) and suggests to the Broker the possibility to send a Proposal preparing the related Mail.

See Brokerage Intelligence

Ads Multicasting

Ads Multicasting

This is a phenomenal, unique tool that all brokers should have, as it completely eliminates the need to keep updated boat data sheets on your own website or advertising portals.

Once the boat data sheet has been entered in, at a click you can give all the instructions for web publication and, from that moment on, automatically synchronises the boat data sheets: in real time on its own Website and on YachtVillage, and during the night also on national and international Portals.

If you decide to place all the announcements on a specific portal or move them from one portal to another, the Multicasting service does it for you in an instant.

If you work closely with other Brokers, you can decide together to advertise others' boats on your own website, and vice versa.

Mobile applications

iNavis for iOS and Android

The services are provided in Cloud Computing mode, and can be used both with specific PC applications and Apps for tablet or smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection and you will have your data and functions with you wherever your go; you just have to log in.

Many of us have lost the use of our computers (through a malfunction, loss or theft …); with you will only suffer a material loss, while your information will all be safe and available right way, stored at Cedacri SpA, an impenetrable Data Centre that manages the information systems of many banks.

Purchase and management of hardware and software, managing backups and protecting data all take up your precious time and resources. You won't have to deal with this anymore, and you will only pay for the services you actually need. provides the computer tools you need to manage your Broker/Dealer activities in Cloud Computing mode; wherever you are, you will be able to work with colleagues and partners, sharing data and operational potential.

App Store

Professional Tools

In addition to the functions offered in the three levels of (POST, MARKET and CRM), the Suite includes a number of Modules to resolve some specific problems encountered by boat dealers::

  • Welcoming customers on special occasions (Trade Fairs, Nautical Salons, Sea tests,…)

  • Drafting and distribution of Price Lists

  • Multibrand configuration/quote producer

  • Warranty management – Shipyard activities

  • Towing and garaging

  • Production planning

Using the modules of the Suite, Shipyards and New Yacht Vendors have all they need to manage their activities in an integrated manner. You will no longer have to update customer and supplier information in different Applications or Registers, there is just one boat database which will make your work simpler and safer.

Digibusiness Srl also provides messaging services (texts, Chat) and is a distributor of professional Google Tools.

Improving your business

Professional management

A business adopting and using all its properties to the full will find everything they need in this Application to effectively manage sales and, consequently, can lighten the burden of technological resources and maintenance services, which are no longer necessary: What's more, they will find themselves having to make organisational choices, due to the fact that reduces the time necessary for ordinary operations five-fold:

  • You can reduce your staffing levels, and thus your management costs


  • You can reinvest your man-hours in other Promotion and Sales activities

This second possibility is available because also makes promotional activities easier

Expert vendors will be able to establish communication methods and models, plan contacts and promotional actions, also placing less experienced collaborators in a position to:

  • Establish customer-targeted promotional campaigns

  • Dialogue effectively with customers and professional operators

  • Produce Quotations in total safety

  • Proactively send Proposals that meet the interests expressed by the customers

One of our Customers described it like this:“It's like a volleyball match, you're the one who has to get the points, you're the hitter, is the setter, and it does it perfectly, helping you to score the points.”

Sell more and sell better!

Sell more and sell better!

The economic crisis, and in particular the crisis of the nautical market in Italy, has placed many businesses in serious difficulty; even the boat companies which until a few years ago made good profits from the sale of (new and used) boats are now forced to make great sacrifices in order to survive.

One thing is now clear to everyone: even when the acute phase of this crisis is over, the leisure boat market will never be the same again.

Businesses with a strong professional reputation and networking skills to exploit are keeping afloat however, and are looking to the future, understanding that we need to overcome two typically Italian psychological barriers:

  • “I haven't got time” - EG: to consider other ways of working, to look into new opportunities,…… - Keeping you head down, without noticing what's going on around you.

  • “I can do it on my own” - I see other operators only as competitors to be wary of

and they see a certainty wavering:

  • "A Website, a Portal!” - Just invest in advertising, publicity, and something will turn up.

The Critical Success Factor (CSF) Boat vendors have to focus on is INNOVATION IN SERVICES, which may include:

  • Organising the business to recover efficiency and increase proactive effectiveness

  • Work on customer loyalty, aiming to re-conquer the Clientèle

  • Work effectively with other businesses to increase the probability of sales

  • Develop an approach to Marketing can help you to do all this!

  • Simplification

  • Standards

  • Sharing

  • Focus

  • Visibility

  • Broadening the supply

  • Integrating functions

Charter management

The Charter Management can be used to manage bareboat and crewboat activities in an integrated manner; boat bookings are made extremely easy, whether through direct availability or as part of the MarketPlace.

Charter management

  • Provide a Boat with all the attributes it needs to manage the Charter (prices according to season, availability, services)

  • Search for a suitable, available boat and estimate the prices of a service

  • Add options and complete the Booking operation

  • Set up a cruise with the services required by the Customer

  • Produce a Contract

Introductory video on the Charter management with : YouTube

Mooring sales and rental

The Mooring places management makes available all the tools needed for businesses administering Marina moorings, both for sale and hire, but also allows you to offer and book mooring places that are not directly available to you but are advertised on the MarketPlace.

Mooring sales and rental

  • Set up the fundamentals for direct administration (prices according to season, availability, services)

  • Advertise mooring places on the website and on specialist nautical portals

  • Search for boat mooring places; from your own availability and in the MarketPlace

  • Perfezionare un’operazione di affitto o vendita

  • Book mooring places for cruise itineraries

  • Produce a Contract

Introductory video on the mooring places management with YouTube

Improve the teamwork

  • allows you to share data with your collaborators and everyone, according to their own operating profile defined by the Administrator, can inform, be informed and use the management tools available to them both in and away from the Office, on a PC or a Tablet.

  • allows micro and small businesses to work together to increase sales, creating virtual sales networks and business networks. Different companies can decide to share part of their data in order to make their boats available and meet the demand of other brokers.

  • But it is the businesses distributed across a territory that have the most to gain from The central nature of the information expresses the best in these companies' potential: prices and discounts are decided centrally, and are available to all vendors in real time. also overcomes language barriers, allowing each operator to work in his own language, by automatically providing the translations.

It offers your Organisation four levers for improvement

  1. It greatly simplifies all Broker/Dealer operations (it is estimated that time is reduced to one fifth), allowing you to dedicate more time to promotion and sales.

  2. It increases the possibility for intra- and inter-business cooperation: more operators, spread across the territory, working as if they were in the same office, sharing data and the evolution of client contacts on-line

  3. It standardises customer processes and the corporate image, by making available communication templates, price lists and a Boat configuration and quote producer function

  4. It increases customer-relations: the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions automatically place all the information sent and received in the Customer Folders, as well as all the events and notes on the Customers, ensuring more effective relations and the design of promotions based on the preferences expressed by the Clientèle.

Improve your supply possibilities

Improve the teamwork

Broaden your Supply possibilities through the availability of all the boats in the MarketPlace, extend your sales channels, through the other Brokers in the network, who can offer their own customers the boats that you have indicated as "public”.

Facilitate the meeting of Supply and Demand: takes on board the Requests and Interests in boat purchases expressed by the customers of all the Brokers in the Network and automatically associates them to the boats available in the MarketPlace

Shipyard activities

Shipyard activities

In this sense, currently does not intend to act as a Complex Administration System (it does not handle Stocks or Accounting) but in any case makes available integrated modules for:

  • Towing services planning: Simple garaging and maintenance services

  • Warranty management: interacting with shipyards to check which maintenance interventions can be done under warranty

  • Maintenance management: assigning a work order to an internal shipyard and calculating the work done at the end, in terms of hours, components and materials used.

  • Sales planning: monitoring progress at the shipyard to allow vendors to run promotional activities in the most effective way.

  • Stock management: allowing a network of businesses to make the most of their investments

Foreing businesses

Foreing businesses allows you to respond to requests from abroad and draft proposals in the most common foreign languages. Your boat offers are presented on your website in several languages, allows visitors to print the boat sheets in their own language. is international: every user interacts in their own language, and automatic translations are provided when required.

Customer hospitality

Customer hospitality

The NavisDESK module is used to professionally manage customer hospitality during Nautical Salons.

It recognises the Customers registered with and invited guests, acquiring data on the visitors and their interests and manages the feedback from the sales staff assisting the visit.

With NavisDESK, all post-salon promotional activities can be guided by the outcomes of the visits.

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