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Boat vendors and hire companies spend much of their time updating the data sheets on their “fleet”, managing advertising, presenting proposals and quotations and maintaining relations with customers and potential customers. is a Suite of Products/Services dedicated to boat vendors and hire companies; it simplifies and automates ordinary, repetitive operations, improving sales performance, broadening sales ranges and presenting new opportunities. is the most advanced services platform ever created, combining the experience of boat vendors with the most modern computer technologies...

what Boatsellers need.

It frees you from technological problems

Purchase and management of hardware and software, managing backups and protecting data all take up your precious time and resources. You won't have to deal with this anymore, and you will only pay for the services you actually need. provides the computer tools you need to manage your Broker/Dealer activities in Cloud Computing mode; wherever you are, you will be able to work with colleagues and partners, sharing data and operational potential. All you need is an Internet connection, and your data will always be available in an impenetrable, indestructible "safe". You can use it in different ways: with a specific local software, as a web application or an App.

It broadens your possibilities for collaborating and improves the effectiveness of your proposals

You could have a boat that a potential buyer is asking another broker for, and that broker doesn't have it! Is one of your customers looking for a boat with features that you don't have in your range? The Marketplace automatically intercepts these situations, facilitating the meeting of supply and demand.

It's not always easy to reconstruct the position and history of a customer or a supplier; can also help you here, by archiving in the CRM all the e-mails sent and received, the documents, phone calls and notes on every subject you have contact with. It does all this automatically, and interacts both ways with Outlook.

It helps you to reduce your management costs

Have you ever considered the real costs of maintaining your own hardware and software, the so-called TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)? By calculating the value of consumption, assistance and damage due to malfunctions (time lost, etc.), all the most accredited analyses reckon that over a 3-year period the TCO is more than 5 times the purchase cost.

Have you ever considered the economic value of the time your company spend producing and editing boat sheets and publishing them on the website or other advertisement portals, writing e-mails, drafting quotations, proposals and promotions? costs less than one fifth of the savings you can obtain, as well as broadening your sales potential.

Introduces you to Social collaboration

( places you in direct contact with other operators doing the same job as you, allowing you to develop profitable forms of collaboration with them; it also introduces you to discussion groups whose members include potential buyers, providing your website with the tools to attract the communication that comes from Social Networks. transfers the focus of social communication from Social Networks to your website, offering the opportunity to partners to view your product range.)

Promote your supply Multicasting is an easy, effective tool that automatically projects your range of boats on your website, advertisement portals and tablets/smartphones with the App created with specifically for you.

Project your boats on the web with a simple click! Your website and the App are updated in real time while the advertisement portals are synchronised every night. The Broker provides with the credentials of the subscription he has taken out with the portal editor, and selects the boats to be published on each portal, leaving to publish them automatically.

Europe's most highly reputed portals are available.

The boats can be published on the Broker's website in either standard or customised mode.

Ads Multicasting

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